Exploration: D.R.I. – Crossover (1987)

D.R. fucking. I. If this isn't a blast from my past I don't know what is. Goddamn, I loved D.R.I. when I was a wee punk rock kid in the 90s. D.R.I., along with Motorhead, and Metallica were the only... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Torch – Torch (1983)

Before Sweden became home to buzzsaw death metal riffing and melodic black metal majesty they had a bit of a presence in the 80's with traditional and NWOBHM tinged metal. Now I'm not going to say these bands were the... Continue Reading →

Rotting Christ – Non Serviam (1994)

Continuing from yesterday's post and concluding the poorly name "Second Albums by Bands I Like That I Didn’t Know Existed For Far Too Long" series I'm taking a look at Rotting Christ's second album, Non Serviam, yet another album from a... Continue Reading →

Abigor – Verwestung / Invoke the Dark Age (1994)

With the announcement and (kind of) preview of a new Abigor album, I've been pretty excited and Abigor has been the topic of conversation recently, particularly their older, seminal works. Even more particular, how this band is so woefully under... Continue Reading →

Angel Witch – Angel Witch (1980)

Last night I went to the 2017 Decibel Tour (Kreator, Obituary, Midnight, Horrendous, and in Denver, Blood Incantation) and in between bands all night they were playing old NWOBHM. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, the classics, some would say. The... Continue Reading →

Disastrous Murmur – Rhapsodies in Red (1992)

In the late 80′s and early 90′s death metal was dominating the metal underground. Mostly American and Swedish bands were making a mark but Austria wasn’t exactly known for their death metal contributions, which, if going just by Disastrous Murmur’s... Continue Reading →

Demolition Hammer – Tortured Existence (1990)

Demolition Hammer’s 1992 album Epidemic of Violence ranks as one of the best thrash metal albums ever to be produced, by anyone, ever. That’s not opinion, that’s just a fucking fact. Just listen to it, you can’t deny the sheer thrash... Continue Reading →

Carnage – Dark Recollections (1990)

That’s right kiddies, we’re heading back to Sweden, again. I don’t need to keep justifying the amount of Swedish metal on here. Swedish metal fucking rules and that’s all there is to it. Which brings us to Carnage, the short... Continue Reading →

Voivod – War and Pain (1984)

Voivod is a band that should probably be on the hearts and minds of all metal fans. I’ve recently been thinking about them a lot as I’ve been utterly obsessed with the new Vektor album, which takes queues from Voivod,... Continue Reading →

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