Exploration: The Kill – Kill Them… All (2015)

You may have noticed a general lack of grindcore around here. That's because I'm just not that into grind and the bands I do like I feel out of my wheelhouse when trying to dissect and discuss, but the aggressive... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Portal – Swarth (2009)

This Friday (Jan. 26th, 2018) will see the spewing forth of a new Portal album and I can't wait to get by grime-covered hands on it. SO, for those of you who aren't in the the knowing about Portal I... Continue Reading →

Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions (2000)

If'n you combined early Darkthrone and early Ulver, the sound you'd get is Abyssic Hate, albeit with a extremely depressing and bleak atmosphere covering the whole thing. I say Darkthrone because Abyssic Hate is taken from a Darkthrone song and... Continue Reading →

Vagrond – Regret (2014)

It's going to be hard to talk about this album without throwing around all sorts of genre tags. Expect to see things like "post", "shoe gaze", "ambient", and "atmospheric" peppered around this review. Perhaps even a mash up of them... Continue Reading →

Paramaecium – Exhumed of the Earth (1993)

Whoa oh! Now this is some fucking doom metal. Damn near funeral doom, and released before Thergothon's Stream from the Heavens, one of the albums  and bands credited with inventing the funeral doom genre. Some would say the first, but that's not what... Continue Reading →

Drowning the Light – An Alignment of Dead Stars (2009)

Drowning the Light keeps popping up in my day to day metal perusals in one form or another. Mostly I’ve been seeing a ton of Youtube videos of people sharing their Drowning the Light collections or extolling the virtues of... Continue Reading →

Stargazer – The Scream That Tore the Sky (2005)

Australia produces some ferocious and killer extreme metal. It’s a country that continuously pummels brains with bands all over the genres. Stargazer takes that Australian bite, mixes up the genres and delivers a unique sound. I first discovered Stargazer with... Continue Reading →

Misery’s Omen – Hope Dies (2008)

I forget if Misery’s Omen was a recommendation or something I dug up while perusing the interwebs but however they came into my life, I’m grateful. If you haven’t been paying attention, Australia has a fucking crushing extreme metal scene... Continue Reading →

Eternum – Summoning the Wolven Spirit (2013)

Last year Eternum’s The Devouring Descent blew my metal encased mind. I was new to the band and that album was so masterfully crafted I played it over and over. Relentlessly. I thought to myself “I should check out some of their... Continue Reading →

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