Exploration: Crimson Midwinter – Random Chaos (1998)

It's been fucking blazingly, stupidly hot around here so some chilling Finnish metal is just what I needed to remind me of colder weather that isn't trying to melt my brain. Instead I opted to let Crimson Midwinter melt my... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Oþalan – De norröna sederna (2016)

This is another awesome find shared with me by my buddy Brain Smasher, and I'm fairly certain he discovered this band from that massive Summoning tribute album In Mordor Where the Shadows Are that came out last year or the year before.... Continue Reading →

Solbrud – Solbrud (2014)

I was introduced to Solbrud's sophomore album Jærtegn sometime last year by my buddy Ben and it's been in a semi constant rotation in my ears ever since. With their new album just being released in 2017 and the high level of... Continue Reading →

Dämmerfarben – Im Abendrot (2011)

You can't beat a good atmospheric black metal album. At least, not for me. Atmospheric black metal was some of the first I ever got into and I'm always attracted to bands who work with this style. I know the... Continue Reading →

Miserere Luminis – Miserere Luminis (2009)

Since we're still in a Gris mood from yesterday I thought I'd keep that Canadian train rolling with Miserere Luminis. Miserere Luminis is a one time collaborative project from the members of Gris and Sombres Forêts, another Quebec based black metal... Continue Reading →

Gris – Il Etait une Foret (2007)

Gris' 2013 album À l'âme enflammée, l'äme constellée... fucking blew my little brain when it came out, once I got into it. It's a double album and fairly dense but once I cracked that nut, man oh man, was I sold. Stunningly... Continue Reading →

Paths – Where the Oakenhearted Dwell (2014)

In my mind Paths is like a dormant giant. Well, not so much dormant, I guess, a noisy giant that nobody is fucking looking at. I think he's (yup, one man black metal band) just about ready to take over... Continue Reading →

Skogen – Svitjod (2011)

One of my favorite black metal releases from the past couple years has been Skohen's I Doden, a perfect blend of nature oriented black metal, pagan themes, and atmospherics. Based on my affection for that album I always meant to... Continue Reading →

Lux Occulta – Forever Alone, Immortal (1996)

I reviewed Lux Occulta's second album Dionys0s about a year ago when my buddy shared their first two albums with me. It has now taken me this long to listen to the first. Fucking slacker. Anywho, I loved the darkish, slightly progressive,... Continue Reading →

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