Mare Cognitum – An Extraconscious Lucidity (2012)

If you read these posts you might remember that Mare Cognitum’s Phobos Monolith ranked highly in my year end list for 2014. It was a triumphant offering of atmospheric black metal and has been a go to album since it’s release.... Continue Reading →

Eoront – Neverending Journey (2013)

2013 gave us an overwhelming about of epic, folk inspired black metal. Bands like Saor, Vallendusk, Caladan Brood, Summoning, and Falkenbach are just a few that spring to mind off the top of my head, yet Eoront somehow escaped me,... Continue Reading →

Hinsidig – I en Tidløs Høst (2010)

As far as I’m concerned you can never have to much atmospheric black metal in your life. When that style of black metal hits, boy howdy is it a marvel. When it doesn’t, however, it’s disappointing to no end. Hinsidig,... Continue Reading →

Hålväg – Hålväg (2013)

Among the many things recent US black metal bands do well, it’s atmospheric black metal. Hålväg is no exception to the rule. I wanted to talk about how American black metal bands are really pushing the boundaries of the genre and... Continue Reading →

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