Exxplorer – Symphonies of Steel (1985)

Yus! Bring on the obscure 80's, American power metal. I'm never fucking sick of these bands. Cue New Jersey band Exxplorer. What really stands out to me about this Exxplorer album is they don't lean so heavily on the NWOBHM... Continue Reading →

Helstar – Nosferatu (1989)

80′s American power metal is a never ending well. Most of the best stuff has risen to the top but the further you go down, the more elusive and grimier albums are hiding from the light. Helstar fits somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Vicious Rumors – Digital Dictator (1988)

I stumbled on an article today about a new album from Vicious Rumors and I thought to myself, I do believe I have one of their first albums sitting in my “to listen to” power metal folder. And wouldn’t you know... Continue Reading →

Pretty Maids – Future World (1987)

Do you like kick ass, super 80′s, melodic Danish heavy metal? Of course you fucking do. Good thing Pretty Maids is here to get those fists pumping. Another solid recommendation from my buddy, Pretty Maids are like a snapshot of... Continue Reading →

Agent Steel – Skeptics Apocalypse (1985)

There are so many hidden metal treasures from the 80′s. It was a prolific time for the genre, with so many styles developing and so many bands creating new sounds and ways of exploring metal. It led to a ton... Continue Reading →

Blood Feast – Kill for Pleasure (1987)

In the late oughts, “re-thrash” was a thing, that is to say, new bands were forming to play thrash in the style of the 80′s and older and classic bands were experiencing a second wind. Some where great, some were not,... Continue Reading →

Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King (1997)

Savatage. Another longstanding American band that I’ve only been aware of by name. I researched what was the general consensus on they bands best album and landed on Hall of the Mountain King and after reading that title immediately wondered why... Continue Reading →

Warlock – Triumph and Agony (1987)

Let’s get our 80′s metal cheesiness on! Doro, the lead singer of Warlock, and later her solo band, Doro, has been a name and presence I’ve been familiar with for a while now. Her presence is almost that of legendary... Continue Reading →

Iron Angel – Hellish Crossfire (1985)

The 80′s has so many hidden metal gems it’s mind-boggling. I suspect it was because metal was probably at it’s most fertile then with new genres popping up all the time and bands eager to explore all these sounds that... Continue Reading →

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