Exploration: Pilgrim – Misery Wizard (2012)

It's been a wizards staff (as used as a measurement(shut up)) since we've had any doom around these parts and Pilgrim fits the fucking bill exactly. Pilgrim is the kind of band I think of when I think of just... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Conan – Monnos (2012)

If you're not listening to Conan, why not? Do you like massively heavy doom metal? If the answer is yes, then Conan needs to exist in your life. If no, you need to correct that and listen to Conan. Yes,... Continue Reading →

Züül – To the Frontlines (2012)

Hey, would you look at that. It's Halloween. It's been hard to get into the spirit of things this year what with the way the  world is, where real life horror is on display daily diminishing any manufactured horror cheers... Continue Reading →

Pathogen – Forged in the Crucible of Death (2012)

My buddy Ben shared this band with me over the weekend and instantly I wanted to take a deeper dive into their album Forged in the Crucible of Death as the impressive death metal sounds flooded my speakers keeping the death metal... Continue Reading →

Demona – Metal Through the Time (2012)

I'm not sure how this got into my folder of unexplored metal but for some reason it stuck out at me today when I was perusing the older files in there so I put it on unheard. I wasn't sure... Continue Reading →

Denial of God – Death and the Beyond (2012)

This Danish black metal band has been steadily releasing demos and eps since 1992 and only in the 2000's did they get down to making some albums, Death and the Beyond being their second. This one starts with one of those melodramatic,... Continue Reading →

Make A Change… Kill Yourself – Fri (2012)

There's no pussy footing around with this band. Right out of the gate their name tells you so much already. Make A Change... Kill Yourself... depressive suicidal black metal? Am I right? I'm right. It may seem like I'm mocking... Continue Reading →

Medieval Steel – The Anthology of Steel (2012)

Blasting out of Tennessee in 1984 with their self-titled EP and then quickly disappearing for twenty years, Medieval Steel threw down with some righteous, over the top, cheese infused, 80's power metal. But come the fuck on, what were you... Continue Reading →

Embrional – Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors (2012)

My buddy Ben and I were talking about a band recently and he said they reminded him of Embrional, a Polish death metal band, to which I agreed, although I only had reference from one Embrional album, 2015's The Devil Inside,... Continue Reading →

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