Flourishing – The Sum of all Fossils (2011)

There's so much formula and redundancy in death metal nowadays that I find myself constantly on the look out for any band doing something original or unique or interesting within the genre. Granted there are bands that are trying to... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Sorcier des Glaces – The Puressence of Primitive Forests (2011)

Sorcier des Glaces is a name I always see floating around on heralded words. Sorcier des Glaces, or SDG for you cool kids (and how their logo looks now) always have albums for sale in pretty much every single metal distro... Continue Reading →

Dämmerfarben – Im Abendrot (2011)

You can't beat a good atmospheric black metal album. At least, not for me. Atmospheric black metal was some of the first I ever got into and I'm always attracted to bands who work with this style. I know the... Continue Reading →

Negative Plane – Stained Glass Revelations (2011)

For some reason I thought this was going to be a funeral doom album. I mean, looking at the name, the blue, ominous, church shrine cover art, the logo design, I don't think I can be blamed here. Quickly upon... Continue Reading →

Skogen – Svitjod (2011)

One of my favorite black metal releases from the past couple years has been Skohen's I Doden, a perfect blend of nature oriented black metal, pagan themes, and atmospherics. Based on my affection for that album I always meant to... Continue Reading →

Verge – Sex & Violence (2011)

I was digging into Finnish black metal last week looking for buried treasure when it dawned on me I have this Verge album that I haven’t listened to yet. Verge’s second full-length album and first to hit my ears, seems... Continue Reading →

Evilfeast – Wintermoon Enchantment (2011)

When I go to learn more about a band at Metal Archives, particularly a black metal band, seeing the lyrical themes of “Darkness, Misanthropy, Nature, Anti-Christianity” I’m already partially satisfied. Turns out Evilfeast music is rad. All composed and performed by... Continue Reading →

Aaskereia – Dort, wo das alte Böse ruht (2011)

A good amount of the music I share in these posts are from recommendations. This’s how the metal love spreads and I have various friends whose opinion I can always count on. This album is one such recommendation. Aaskereia are... Continue Reading →

Kroda – Schwarzpfad (2011)

Having just jammed their new album I thought I would go back and listen to their previous. Schwarzpfad is one of my favorite folk/heathen black metal albums. I know that sounds very specific but trust me, there’s a lot of... Continue Reading →

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