Exploration: Iskra- Bureval (2009)

Whenever the genre tag "crust" is added to the end of a metal genre I never really know what to expect, even though my collection of black/death/doom/ crust bands is growing larger, I'm always surprised with what that term encompasses.... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Portal – Swarth (2009)

This Friday (Jan. 26th, 2018) will see the spewing forth of a new Portal album and I can't wait to get by grime-covered hands on it. SO, for those of you who aren't in the the knowing about Portal I... Continue Reading →

Sun of the Blind – Skullreader (2009)

I have a pile of music (mostly a folder on my computer) where I keep albums I want to review, albums that friends have shared with me, or albums that I get recommended, and everyday I go through it and... Continue Reading →

Miserere Luminis – Miserere Luminis (2009)

Since we're still in a Gris mood from yesterday I thought I'd keep that Canadian train rolling with Miserere Luminis. Miserere Luminis is a one time collaborative project from the members of Gris and Sombres Forêts, another Quebec based black metal... Continue Reading →

Funebrarum – Sleep of Morbid Dream (2009)

I’m not sure how I stumbled on this band but they were sitting in my “to hear” folder for a while so I decided to give them a go today. There’s no shortage of these old school death metal inspired bands... Continue Reading →

Hail – Frozen Grave (2009)

I recently ordered the vinyl version of Skago’s Ast from Pesanta Urfolk (for $10 including shipping, what a fucking deal!) and when it arrived it came with the vinyl for Hail’s Frozen Grave. The vinyl release was beautifully designed and packaged... Continue Reading →

Drowning the Light – An Alignment of Dead Stars (2009)

Drowning the Light keeps popping up in my day to day metal perusals in one form or another. Mostly I’ve been seeing a ton of Youtube videos of people sharing their Drowning the Light collections or extolling the virtues of... Continue Reading →

Incursus – Eternal Funeral Trance (2009)

Eternal Funeral Trance is the lone full-length release from Nightbringer member VJS. You may have gleamed from these posts that I’m a huge Nightbringer fan but somehow this one escaped me until my buddy told me about it with the... Continue Reading →

Yob – The Great Cessation (2009)

Yob was one of the first doom metal bands that made me sit up and take notice of the genre. Their 2011 album Atma was a crushing, powerhouse of riffs and heaviness that sounded so fresh and unique to my... Continue Reading →

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