Exploration: Obliteration – Perpetual Decay (2007)

I was recently going through my iPod (yes I still jam my iPod, all the fucking time) to make some extra space for new stuff and I ran across Obliteration's 2013 album Black Death Horizon and instantly remembered all the buzz and... Continue Reading →

Gris – Il Etait une Foret (2007)

Gris' 2013 album À l'âme enflammée, l'äme constellée... fucking blew my little brain when it came out, once I got into it. It's a double album and fairly dense but once I cracked that nut, man oh man, was I sold. Stunningly... Continue Reading →

Holy Martyr – Still At War (2007)

I saw today that Holy Martyr has a new album out and I thought, "that bad seems familiar to me somehow." It's not in my library anywhere. Low and behold their first album has been sitting in my "to listen to"... Continue Reading →

Onward – The Neverending Sun (2007)

Remember back in December of 2015 when I reviewed Crescent Shield's The Stars of Never Seen? Of course you do! I mentioned that Crescent Shield was the side project of the main men of Onward and Destiny's End, respectively. Well thanks... Continue Reading →

Infernal War – Redesekration: The Gospel of Hatred and Apotheosis of Genocide (2007)

One of the metal attributes I so thoroughly enjoy about Polish extreme metal is how angry, hateful, and particularly blasphemous they are. More often then not when I'm discovering an extremely anti-christian or generally anti-religious band they're from Poland. That and... Continue Reading →

Front Beast – Black Spells of the Damned (2006)

I feel like it's been awhile since there's been any black metal on this site and I aim to fucking fix that right... now. Behold Front Beast, some raw, scathing, black metal from Germany. Front Beast is the the one-man... Continue Reading →

Blotted Science – The Machinations of Dementia (2007)

Today I'm delving in to something that is completely not in my wheelhouse, and typically, not in my taste. I'm talking about insanely progressive, technical, instrumental metal. Instrumental meaning no vocals at all. Blotted Science everybody. My only frame of... Continue Reading →

Farsot – iiii (2007)

German black metal can be so fucking satisfying. Take for example avant-garde-ish black metal-ers Farsot. They’re slightly atmospheric, blistering, creative take on black metal is highly fucking impressive and makes me wonder why this band isn’t more highly regarded. People... Continue Reading →

Rotting Christ – Theogonia (2007)

I have a soft spot for Rotting Christ. They were one of the first extreme metal bands I stumbled on when I was really starting to get in to this kind of music. I didn’t even start with the first... Continue Reading →

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