Profundi – The Omega Rising (2006)

I've been slacking on the Swedish love around here so lets correct that right fucking now. You may recall my review of Dead Silent Slumber's Entombed in the Midnight Hour from a couple months or so ago and how much I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Horned Almighty – The Devil’s Music – Songs of Death and Damnation (2006)

I'm a little surprised I haven't done a post about Horned Almighty and their full on, in your fucking face, blasphemous black metal explosion. They're consistently satisfying and my go to band when I need something thoroughly aggressive and nasty,... Continue Reading →

Ahab – The Call of the Wretched Sea (2006)

I've probably mentioned this before but when I was getting into extreme metal it was a gradual descent into the more abrasive bands and genres. Doom and Funeral Doom (aside from the more prominent bands IE Candlemass, etc.) was the... Continue Reading →

Wolfhetan – Entrückung (2006)

My buddy Ben shared this album with me today and since I was crunched for time and not feeling the stack of music I had, I put this one on, blindly, and was fucking crushed by it. What met my... Continue Reading →

Repugnant – Epitome of Darkness (2006)

More Swedish thrash! Yup, that’s right, I know you can’t get enough. To be fair, this Repugnant album is more death metal, but it’s clearly in the style of old school death metal where the line was blurred between thrash... Continue Reading →

Cellador – Enter the Deception (2006)

Tonight I’m going to see Visigoth and Night Demon tear it up in Denver. They’re bringing their fist-pumping, anthemic, traditional epic metal to our fair city and with them, two local bands are opening: Satan’s Host and Cellador. Satan’s Host... Continue Reading →

Horn – Jahreszeiten (2005) & Die Kraft der Szenarien (2006)

Aren’t you lucky? Today you get TWO album reviews for the price of one, which is free, so there you have it. You may recall Horn’s latest album Konflikt ending up on my 2013 “Best of List.” If you don’t, well... Continue Reading →

Orlog – Reinigende Feuer (2006)

While Orlog hail from Germany, they don’t really strike me as a German sounding black metal band. I would say they lean more towards the Scandinavian style. Maybe a nice mix of Norwegian and Swedish? Regardless where their musical cues... Continue Reading →

Forest Silence – Philosophy of Winter (2006)

I imagine Hungry is a cold and desolate place. It could very well not be but after listening to black metal musician Winter’s solo band Forest Silence and his lone full-length album Philosphy of Winter, I’m inclined to believe it’s... Continue Reading →

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