Exploration: Crimson Midwinter – Random Chaos (1998)

It's been fucking blazingly, stupidly hot around here so some chilling Finnish metal is just what I needed to remind me of colder weather that isn't trying to melt my brain. Instead I opted to let Crimson Midwinter melt my... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Odium – The Sad Realm of the Stars (1998)

When it comes to "Symphonic" Black Metal it's easy to identify the obvious bands. Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, even Bal-Sagoth (my personal favorite) steal a lot of the attention and in the mid the late 90's when every... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Sculptured – The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled (1998)

Lately I've really been looking for metal bands that did (or are still doing) something different, or Satan forbid, original. As much as I love metal even the most dedicated ears need a change of pace and one of the... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Sargoth – Lay Eden in Ashes (1998)

Oh fuck yes. A hyper melodic, Swedish, black metal band from the 90's with only one album ever released? My fucking sweet spot. Sweden has an unending supply of these and you know what, they're all fucking killer. Sargoth in... Continue Reading →

Adversam – Animadverte (1998)

I fucking love Italian extreme metal. Particularly Italian black metal. It's so fucking evil and so overtly satanic and anti christian it's almost comical. Well, maybe not comical, maybe parody because of how sincere it is. It's hard to blame... Continue Reading →

Dark Funeral – Vobiscum Satanas (1998)

Dark Funeral is not one of my favorite bands, yet I've now heard all of their albums. I'm not sure I'd even rank them in my top 50 band list, as if such a thing exists, but I do enjoy... Continue Reading →

Covenant – Nexus Polaris (1998)

When I reviewed Covenant's first album In Times Before the Light a couple years ago I never bothered to follow up with any of the rest of the bands career because the would eventually rechristen themselves a Kovenant and move into a... Continue Reading →

Vintersorg – Till fjälls (1998)

Sticking with the Swedish theme, I saw that Vintersorg, a band I'm always curious to hear what's new with, are releasing a new album and "sequel" to their very first album Till fjalls appropriately titled Till fjalls, del II, so I though it appropriate... Continue Reading →

Shape of Despair – Alone in the Mist (2016)

Before Finnish doom-sters Shape of Despair were pounding out slow, dirge-y, sorrowful, crushingly heavy doom, they were pounding out slow, dirge-y, sorrowful, crushingly heavy doom. However they were doing it under the name Raven and this new release is actually... Continue Reading →

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