Hexenhaus – Dejavoodoo (1997)

I know I talk a lot about the Swedish extreme metal scene, with good reason, and this post will be no different. Typically when I’m posting about Swedish metal it’s usually in praise of a death metal or black metal... Continue Reading →

Nagelfar – Hünengrab Im Herbst (1997)

I’m a huge fan am the incredible The Ruins of Beverast. I think Ruins has made not only some of the best black metal ever, but some of the best music ever. It’s a band that I should probably feature... Continue Reading →

The Moaning – Blood From Stone (1997)

A mid 90′s, Swedish, melodic death/black metal band with only one full-length release? You’re singing my song. My sweet, hyper melodic song. The Moaning seem damned determined to explode my brain with hyper catchy melodic guitar work. It’s unrelenting on... Continue Reading →

Without Grief – Deflower (1997)

I know I post a lot about Swedish metal but there is a reason for that. That reason being that Sweden fucking killed it metal wise. At least in the 90′s and I’m constantly amazed by how many killer fucking... Continue Reading →

Necrophobic – Darkside (1997)

I imagine it was bit difficult to be in a death metal/black metal band in Sweden in 1997. Dissection had just released their two essential albums and I’m sure a lot of people’s attention (and rightfully so) was dominated by... Continue Reading →

Centinex – Reflections (1997)

Guess what? Another killer fucking band from Sweden! I’m starting to believe Sweden may be the closest place to paradise on Earth. Anyway, I wasn’t familiar with Centinex when I popped this on. I had an idea given that I... Continue Reading →

Noctes – Pandemonic Requiem (1997)

Another overlooked gem from Sweden is the short lived Noctes. Formed in 1996 and disbanded in 1999, the band only released two full length albums, the first which is the subject of this post. Like most of the bands I... Continue Reading →

Covenant – In Times Before the Light (1997)

Covenant was championing the symphonic black metal sound in the mid 90′s in only a way the Norwegians can. Awesomely. I imagine this was right before or right on the cusp of the symphonic overload that permeated the genre. Besides... Continue Reading →

Sorhin – I Det Glimrande Mörkrets Djup (1997) & Skogsgriftens rike (1996)

I guess I’m in a Swedish sort of mood as of late because today’s entry is about another sorely under-appreciated Swedish black metal band. Sweden seems to be full of overlooked and neglected 90′s black metal bands. That decade seemed... Continue Reading →

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