Gates of Ishtar – The Dawn of Flames (1997)

Sigh... Here we go again. Another fucking band that I can't even fathom why I slept on for so long. Especially this band because 1; they're melodic death metal from the mid 90's, 2; they're Swedish, and 3; they fucking... Continue Reading →

Dimension Zero – Penetrations from the Lost World EP (1997)

This is a quick little EP that boasts some heavy weight players. Mainly members of In Flames (from when they were fucking good), fucking Crystal Age, fucking Cardinal Sin, and fucking Darkified (more on them another time) so there's some... Continue Reading →

Royal Hunt – Paradox (1997)

Usually when I stumble on to those "under rated" power metal lists I usually at least recognize the bands, whether visually or by name or I've already heard their music. Royal Hun was one of the bands I'd not ever... Continue Reading →

Morgion – Among the Majestic Ruin (1997)

It must have been hard times in 1997 to be a death/doom band. Hell, it was probably hard times for any metal band that wasn't Nu Metal at that time, but Morgion were keeping it nasty with their first full-length release.... Continue Reading →

Kreator – Outcast (1997)

Welcome to Kreator week! Kreator has a new album coming out this week and seeing as they are one of my favorite bands I thought it might be fun to explore the "darker" era of the band. That's right, that... Continue Reading →

Vital Remains – Forever Underground (1997)

This is such a reoccurring theme on this blog that maybe I should devote an entire section to it: bands I've dismissed or purposefully overlooked to later find out are actually rad. No point in burying the lead here. I... Continue Reading →

Tartaros – The Grand Psychotic Castle (1997) & The Red Jewel (1999)

And here we have Tartaros, a short lived Norwegian symphonic black metal band consisting of one member, Charmand Grimloch (if that name doesn’t give you a hint of where this is going…) who played live keyboards for Emperor. My buddy Ben... Continue Reading →

Deceased – Fearless Undead Machines (1997)

I still love the zombie genre of horror despite how ubiquitous it’s become, but zombies were one of my first true horror loves so they’ve always been cool to me. Despite that statement and despite the overwhelming amount of zombie... Continue Reading →

Absu – The Third Storm of Cythraul (1997)

The great Absu is coming to my town (Denver) in a few weeks and I’m pretty fucking pumped to see them for the first time. Absu has been carrying the torch for American black metal for almost as long as... Continue Reading →

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