Exploration: Marduk – Dark Endless (1992)

It's easy to dismiss Marduk nowadays with their ridiculous faux-drama and their machine like devotion to blast beat insanity, but Marduk was once a crucial and masterful band. I know they've had their ups and downs and lineup changes vast... Continue Reading →

Skyclad – A Burnt Offering from the Bone Idol (1992)

On a recent episode of Banger TV they discussed the Top 10 or so "essential" Folk Metal albums and right off the bat decided that Skyclad's first album The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth to be the genre legend, meaning that this... Continue Reading →

Mercyless – Abject Offerings (1992)

Holy fuck, do you think anybody was paying attention to French death metal in 1992? I'd wager not very many people were, which is probably why this Mercyless album is an obscurity amongst death metal from that time. Mercyless are... Continue Reading →

Eructation – The Fumes of Putrefaction (1992 – 1995) Compilation (2016)

Fucking riff city here. Just fucking riffs for days. That's what's going on with Eructation, an extremely short lived early 90's Swedish band. Only putting out one demo in 1992, make another lost demo and ill fated EP, they existed... Continue Reading →

Kreator – Renewal (1992)

Welcome to Kreator week! Kreator has a new album coming out this week and seeing as they are one of my favorite bands I thought it might be fun to explore the "darker" era of the band. That's right, that... Continue Reading →

Master’s Hammer -Jilemnický okultista (1992)

I recently acquired the new Cultes des Ghouls album Coven and of course, it's fucking amazing. It's a "concept" album told in a music play format with scenes and a cast of characters and even a script like lyric book that... Continue Reading →

Stygian – Destruction (1992)

The late 80's and early 90's  of thrash may be coming one of my favorite eras for the genre. Certainly for the more obscure and overlooked bands of the time period, there seems to be an endless wealth of bands that... Continue Reading →

Therion – Beyond Sanctorum (1992)

Back when I was first discovering extreme metal, I mean really getting in to it, I was like a kid in a candy store and I just wanted to try everything. The floodgate had been opened and there was no... Continue Reading →

Atrocity – Todessehnsucht (1992)

I’ve got a lot of posts on here about German black metal and German thrash metal but German death metal? The country is not really known for their death metal contributions, though perhaps they should be based on this album... Continue Reading →

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