Wrathchild America – 3-D (1991)

I'm instantly drawn to any band that is doing something different or unique within the thrash genre. While I'm a thrash fan I think the genres progression has practically hitting a wall. There's not much innovation left in the genre... Continue Reading →

Death Strike – Fuckin’ Death (1991)

Man, oh man, do I love those early days of death metal. Way before the sound was solidified and the later fractured into 18 million sub, sub, sub, sub genres, it was so off the fucking rails and raw. Death... Continue Reading →

Upsidedown Cross – Upsidedown Cross (1991)

One look album and it's hard to take seriously, and after listening to it, I'm sure that's exactly what the band was going for. Gracing the cover is a rather goofy looking Aleister Crowley posing in the traditional Buddha pose, with... Continue Reading →

Forced Entry – As Above, So Below (1991)

The 90's is the fucking sweet spot for lost and under-appreciated thrash as the genre was in it's supposed death throws. But more tenacious  thrashers persisted despite the mainstream's concern with radio hits and ballads and whatnot and there in lies... Continue Reading →

Fear of God – Within the Veil (1991)

The other day I posted about the thrash band Detente and promised there would be a follow up about their lead singer Dawn Crosby. Here's me keeping my to my word. After fucking crushing it with Detente, Dawn would emerge... Continue Reading →

Malevolent Creation – The Ten Commandments (1991)

Malevolent Creation is another one of those bands that I'm aware of, have casually listened to one or two of their albums, but never really felt the desire or need to delve into their catalog. Despite having a killer name... Continue Reading →

Invocator – Excursion Demise (1991)

I’ve been in a bit of a thrash mood the past couple weeks. I’ve been jamming some old classics, filling out some discographies here and there, and finding killer new, well, new to me, thrash classics. Take today’s featured band... Continue Reading →

Sindrome – Into the Halls of Extermination (1987) & Vault of Inner Conscience (1991)

Sindrome was an Illinois based thrash band that existed for all of two demos. However, between these two demos the band produced some excellent thrash/borderline death. This isn’t your typical bay area sounding thrash. There’s more of a gruff exterior... Continue Reading →

Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal (1991)

Here we go again with a band that has classic status that I’ve never really listened to. Funny how most of these seem to be thrash bands, but I digress… Dark Angel is a band (like I’ve said before) I’ve... Continue Reading →

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