Protector – Urm the Mad (1989)

When I loaded this up in the iTunes seeing that it was barely over 30 minutes, I was expecting some awesome German 80's thrash, and thrash I got. What I wasn't expecting was how much death metal and death/doom was... Continue Reading →

Mercy – King Doom (1989)

Messiah Marcolin. Surely that conjures up thoughts of Candlemass and the legendary music he and that band made together. Well, Mercy was his band before he set off to make doom magic with Candlemass. Also, he's not on this album.... Continue Reading →

Black Sabbath – Headless Cross (1989)

"Black Sabbath? Again?" That's what I imagine my seven readers are saying. And yes, Black Sabbath again. As I explained before I've never been much of a Sabbath fan (Sabbath is how their fans refer to them, right) aside from the... Continue Reading →

Axegrinder – The Rise of the Serpent Men (1989)

I'm not an expert in crust punk by any means. I do however like a fair number of bands who utilize the style as it's a perfect fit for metal, if you ask me, and I know you did. That,... Continue Reading →

Titan Force – Titan Force (1989)

More 80's American power metal! One of the rare opportunities I relish is when I get the opportunity to talk about bands from my neck of the woods, that neck being Colorado. Colorado's metal history is a well kept secret... Continue Reading →

Helstar – Nosferatu (1989)

80′s American power metal is a never ending well. Most of the best stuff has risen to the top but the further you go down, the more elusive and grimier albums are hiding from the light. Helstar fits somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Sodom – Agent Orange (1989)

I felt like some classic German thrash today so here’s some fucking Sodom. Now, as much as I love the old German thrash bands (Kreator and Destruction) I’ve never really delved to much into Sodom. I have their first album... Continue Reading →

Cloven Hoof – A Sultan’s Ransom (1989)

I like this 80′s classic heavy/power metal trip I’m on, so let’s stay there for today. Cloven Hoof get credited as a NWOBHM band (New Wave of British Heavy Metal if’n you’re wondering). They were a bit theatrical when they... Continue Reading →

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