Gates of Ishtar – The Dawn of Flames (1997)

Sigh... Here we go again. Another fucking band that I can't even fathom why I slept on for so long. Especially this band because 1; they're melodic death metal from the mid 90's, 2; they're Swedish, and 3; they fucking... Continue Reading →


Acid – Acid (1983)

They earlier years of metal hold such an interest for me. So many bands were exploring and honing a genre and everything was just so up in the air. The few bands that established a trademark sound, who would be... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 11/17/2017

Hey kids, it's metal time. For sure. NEW MUSIC: No Amnesty - Psychopathy Thrash. That’s what this is. There’s some pretty amazing guitar parts and the song “Eternal Night” is fucking incredible but those moments are too few. It’s not... Continue Reading →

Bitch – Be My Slave (1983)

Heavy metal is a never ending hole of history, one I enjoy diving into frequently. No matter how much I hear, or read, or see, there's always another corner somewhere with some more genre history. This time it's about Betsy... Continue Reading →

Mystic Charm – Shadows of the Unknown (1994)

For the past couple months I've been surrounded by death/doom bands. Probably from my buddy Ben's YouTube episode about overlooked death/doom bands. Most of them are hailing from the 90's which is probably because that's when this genre really flourished,... Continue Reading →

Wrathchild America – 3-D (1991)

I'm instantly drawn to any band that is doing something different or unique within the thrash genre. While I'm a thrash fan I think the genres progression has practically hitting a wall. There's not much innovation left in the genre... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 11/10/2017

First of all, this week has been a disaster, personally. Sorry for the lack up posts. I hope to be back to it next week, at least once or twice, but I didn't want to leave the week without posting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 11/03/2017

It's fucking November so my metal nerdiness has taken over and I'm in the midst of preparing my "best of" list for the year. I know it's all subjective and all that but I enjoy this ritual once a year... Continue Reading →

Merciless – The Awakening (1990)

Sometimes you want metal to hear some metal that is distilled to it's purest forms without the pretense of genre or labels or anything ground breaking or progressive. Sometimes that primal desire is what makes metal so enduring and Sweden's... Continue Reading →

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