Review: Agrimonia – Awaken

This was near the fucking top for most anticipated album of the year for me based solely on how incredible their last album was and like I hoped, and knew it would be, Agrimonia‚Äôs Awaken is a fucking triumphant return... Continue Reading →


Exploration: Iskra- Bureval (2009)

Whenever the genre tag "crust" is added to the end of a metal genre I never really know what to expect, even though my collection of black/death/doom/ crust bands is growing larger, I'm always surprised with what that term encompasses.... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Equinox – Return to Mystery (1996)

A black/death metal band, from the States, in the 90s? That doesn't sound like everything from Florida at the time? How has this band gone so criminally underrated for so long? Maybe it was because of said Florida sounding death... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Portal – Swarth (2009)

This Friday (Jan. 26th, 2018) will see the spewing forth of a new Portal album and I can't wait to get by grime-covered hands on it. SO, for those of you who aren't in the the knowing about Portal I... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Unholy – The Second Ring of Power (1994)

I told you last year I had a whole pile of overlooked death/doom albums and while I may be nearing the end of that stack I'll undoubtedly find more tucked away in some cobweb and dust coated crypt of the... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Marduk – Dark Endless (1992)

It's easy to dismiss Marduk nowadays with their ridiculous faux-drama and their machine like devotion to blast beat insanity, but Marduk was once a crucial and masterful band. I know they've had their ups and downs and lineup changes vast... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 01/12/2018

First new weekly playlist of the year! Based on al the bands releasing new material this year (and the ones threatening to) this is going to be a hell of year, for metal at least. The rest of the world... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Aldaaron – Nous Reviendrons Immortels (2010)

When this was shared with my I saw the name Aldaaron and thought" fucking sweet, that's the planet they blow up in Star Wars!" But upon actually looking at the album and seeing a depiction of the Battle of Helm's... Continue Reading →

Exploration – Adramelch – Irae Melanox (1988)

First Exploration post of the New Year! I know that excites you as much as it does me. What better way to kick off a new year of metal blogginess than with some obscure 80's Italian power metal? You're so... Continue Reading →

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