Weekly Playlist 06/02/2017

It's June. That's a thing that happened. Also things that happened. Metal. New metal in fact. Awesome new metal in more fact. Here it is for you. NEW STUFF (Best be clicking those titles): Legionnaire - Dawn of Genesis Goddamn... Continue Reading →

White Skull – Public Glory, Secret Agony (2000)

Hey, howsabouts we stick with Italian power metal for another day? Good. Now on the other side of the power metal coin from yesterday's Kaledon review we have White Skull's Public Glory, Secret Agony album from 2000. Whereas Kaledon were a bit... Continue Reading →

Kaledon – Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness (2017)

2017 has been fairly well represented by all the major metal genres, at least enough to my liking. Death, black, thrash, doom, have all produced some amazing and awe-inspiring albums that are all determined to make this year's year end... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 05/26/2017

This week  was a little slower in general but it did produce a handful and solid, and sometimes fun new metal albums. Nothing here that's going to change the world but man oh man was it a fun week. I've... Continue Reading →

Procession – To Reap Heavens Apart (2013)

Sometimes a well written, impeccably performed, and insanely epic traditional doom metal album is all I want to hear. It usually falls on Candlemass', Atlantean Kodex's, or While Heaven Wept's shoulders to satiate me when I'm in these moods but... Continue Reading →

Royal Hunt – Paradox (1997)

Usually when I stumble on to those "under rated" power metal lists I usually at least recognize the bands, whether visually or by name or I've already heard their music. Royal Hun was one of the bands I'd not ever... Continue Reading →

Screamer – Target: Earth (1988)

Fucking 80's American power metal. Could there possibly be a sweeter thing? Maybe, but fuck that because right now we're focusing on some power metal. Screamer, a Wisconsin band that flew way under the radar with their 80's debut full-length,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 05/19/2017

If the name of the game last week was The Ruins of Beverast and Nokturnal Mortum, then this week it's fucking Loss and Darkenhold. Holy fuck, these past two weeks have slim but what we did get are some of... Continue Reading →

Neuraxis – Trilateral Progression (2005)

I have no idea how this ended up in my folder of music to listen to. It rings no bells whatsoever. My best guess is that I must have grabbed it after reading a list of under appreciated bands/albums at... Continue Reading →

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