Manilla Road – Out of the Abyss (1988)

Holy fuck! Is this really the first time I've reviewed Manilla Road on this blog? It fucking can't be. It is. That's fucking nuts. Manilla Road, for those who don't know, are kind of the perfect band for this blog.... Continue Reading →

Hexx – Under the Spell (1986)

It's been a hot minute since we've featured some good old fashioned, 80's, American power metal on the blog, so in order to correct that oversight, here's some fucking Hexx. American power metal in the 80's was like an entirely... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 07/28/2017

I think August and September are gearing up to be splendid months for new metal releases that I'm waiting for. July has been a little sparse but that gives me time to discover other new stuff I've been missing or... Continue Reading →

Protector – Urm the Mad (1989)

When I loaded this up in the iTunes seeing that it was barely over 30 minutes, I was expecting some awesome German 80's thrash, and thrash I got. What I wasn't expecting was how much death metal and death/doom was... Continue Reading →

Anal Vomit – Demoniac Flagellations (2005)

It's been a while since we've gotten filthy over here at Metal Marks the Spot and Anal Vomit intends to change that. If you like your metal savage and satanic and nasty and unrelentingly ferocious Anal Vomit is the band... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 07/21/2017

Another light week in regards to new metal, at least for me. There was one new, BIG, release this week that sent the metal world all a flutter but it wasn't on my list, but I gave it a shot... Continue Reading →

Covenant – Nexus Polaris (1998)

When I reviewed Covenant's first album In Times Before the Light a couple years ago I never bothered to follow up with any of the rest of the bands career because the would eventually rechristen themselves a Kovenant and move into a... Continue Reading →

Pagan Altar – Lords of Hypocrisy (2004)

And here we go... another band that is right up my alley that I've never listened to. Don't get me wrong, I've been very much aware of Pagan Altar for sometime now I just never took that dive, for whatever... Continue Reading →

Tanagra – None of This is Real (2015)

On the metal forums and websites I frequent power metal rarely comes up so when it does (in a non mocking manner) I always take notice and read every word of the article or scour the forum thread looking for... Continue Reading →

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