Weekly Playlist 10/13/2017

Happy Friday the fucking 13th. While you're undoubtedly watching some Jason movies, why not throw some awesome metal into the mix. That evil-minded genre of course released a shit ton of new stuff this week to coincide with the malevolent... Continue Reading →

Satan’s Blood – Weltmacht (1999)

I'm not saying that regionality always affects what a band sounds like but more often than not bands from specific influential areas tend to carry some of the traits that region is known for, particularly Sweden and Germany, unless you're... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 09/22/2017

Fuck you, it's officially Fall! Time for early sunsets and hoodies. Crisp mornings and chilly nights. Horror movies and fallen leaves, and that special seasonal affect that makes the sweet sounds of metal, particularly doom and black metal sound all... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 09/15/2017

I'm 100% ready for Fall to start. Summer is outstaying it's welcome and it's starting to boil my brain away. Bring on the crisp air and hoodies. Fuck pumpkin spice everything and give me some metal for the season! NEW... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 09/01/2017

I read a quote somewhere recently that said something to the affect of "it's been a lousy year for people but a good year for metal." I can't really argue that. Metal has been one of the brightest points of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 08/25/2017

Holy fuck I needed a week like this. Just killer album after killer album packed this week the fuck out and from it we got a couple(!) potential year end contenders. That's fucking awesome and a welcome sound to help... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 08/18/2017

I just want off this fucking planet. And I'm taking the metal with me. Here's some new stuff from the week. Do whatever you want with it. NEW JAMS: (Click those title links) Howls of Ebb/Khthoniik Cerviiks - With Gangreen... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 07/28/2017

I think August and September are gearing up to be splendid months for new metal releases that I'm waiting for. July has been a little sparse but that gives me time to discover other new stuff I've been missing or... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 05/12/2017

If this week had a name it would be "New Fucking Nokturnal Mortum." Or maybe "The Ruins of Beverast Show Featuring the New Fucking Nokturnal Mortum." Yeah, that's the ticket. Despite those albums blowing my brains to gooey bits I... Continue Reading →

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