Upsidedown Cross – Upsidedown Cross (1991)

One look album and it's hard to take seriously, and after listening to it, I'm sure that's exactly what the band was going for. Gracing the cover is a rather goofy looking Aleister Crowley posing in the traditional Buddha pose, with... Continue Reading →

Ilsa – Intoxicantations (2012)

Now here's a band that I've been on the cusp of getting in to for some time now but just never but the bullet. There's a bit of reverence surrounding the band and they have a very dynamic visual presence,... Continue Reading →

Big Business – Head for the Shallow (2004)

We’re touching on a genre that doesn’t come up very often on this blog: Sludge. There’s been rise of sludge worship over the past couple years and sludge has gained this sort of reverence. It’s not really a genre I... Continue Reading →

Eyehategod – Take as Needed for Pain (1993)

I think I’ve gleamed all I can from Eyehategod. This is the third album of theirs to show up on my doom journey list and I only really wanted to delve into their back catalog based on how much I... Continue Reading →

Eyehategod – Dopesick (1996)

Eyehategod, for me, have been one of those bands that I’ve only known through reputation and by name. That was until last year when I finally decided to check them out and jammed their new self-titled album. I found that... Continue Reading →

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