Weekly Playlist 11/17/2017

Hey kids, it's metal time. For sure. NEW MUSIC: No Amnesty - Psychopathy Thrash. That’s what this is. There’s some pretty amazing guitar parts and the song “Eternal Night” is fucking incredible but those moments are too few. It’s not... Continue Reading →


Weekly Playlist 11/10/2017

First of all, this week has been a disaster, personally. Sorry for the lack up posts. I hope to be back to it next week, at least once or twice, but I didn't want to leave the week without posting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 11/03/2017

It's fucking November so my metal nerdiness has taken over and I'm in the midst of preparing my "best of" list for the year. I know it's all subjective and all that but I enjoy this ritual once a year... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 10/27/2017

Holy fuck, next week is November. This year has been a blur of constant head scratching and overwhelming stupidity, but as I'm sure you've heard me say before, the metal is constantly good. Here's some more good brought to you... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 10/19/2017

Lucky you, you get my weekly metal picks a day early! Now you have even more time to simply click a button to be flooded with incredible music. Also, everything sucks in the world so why not at least have... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 10/13/2017

Happy Friday the fucking 13th. While you're undoubtedly watching some Jason movies, why not throw some awesome metal into the mix. That evil-minded genre of course released a shit ton of new stuff this week to coincide with the malevolent... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 10/06/2017

The first week of October and it was a pretty fucking good week for metal. Especially a good week for Denver metal. Pretty fucking good indeed... NEW STUFF: Occasvs - Nocturnal  Majestic Mysteria Weird and winding, archaic, cultish black/death metal... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 09/29/2017

Fuck on outta here summer! Kind of a slow week but man oh man where there some scorchers this week. Quality not quantity some asshole said once. NEW STUFF: Yellow Eyes - Immersion Trench Reverie I’ve been enjoying Yellow Eyes... Continue Reading →

Weekly Playlist 09/22/2017

Fuck you, it's officially Fall! Time for early sunsets and hoodies. Crisp mornings and chilly nights. Horror movies and fallen leaves, and that special seasonal affect that makes the sweet sounds of metal, particularly doom and black metal sound all... Continue Reading →

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