Potentiam – Bálsýn (1999)

God damn. It's albums like this that reaffirm how much I truly love metal. Not just because it's a phenomenal album musically, but because until today I had no idea it existed. I'm not even sure how it got in... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Church – Vigilia EP (2015) & Abominor – Opus: Decay EP (2015)

Both of these bands both blew right by me in 2015 and now, all of a sudden, the keep seeming to pop up in videos I’ve been watching or articles I’ve been reading so it’s time I gave them both... Continue Reading →

Naðra – Eitur (2014), Manneveira – Von Er Eitur (2014, Auðn – Auðn (2014)

The Icelandic metal scene has been on my radar for a while now. Before me and my sweet girlfriend ventured there last year my interest was peaked in the musical output the country had been starting to produce. It seemed... Continue Reading →

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