Exploration: Oþalan – De norröna sederna (2016)

This is another awesome find shared with me by my buddy Brain Smasher, and I'm fairly certain he discovered this band from that massive Summoning tribute album In Mordor Where the Shadows Are that came out last year or the year before.... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Obsidian Gate – The Nightspectral Voyage (1999)

Symphonic Black Metal is a genre I truly enjoy but find incredible difficult to talk about mostly because the genre is so dominated by comparisons to either Emperor, or Dimmu Borgir. To be fair, a lot of it does kind... Continue Reading →

Darkified – A Dance on the Grave (1995)

And we're off to Sweden again top unearth some obscure death metal madness in the form of Darkified. Darkified is a band that existed for the entirety of a year. Their only two releases, a demo and an EP came... Continue Reading →

Altarage – Nihl (2016)

Of all the different shades and subtleties found within extreme metal there're some bands that go even further to the extreme and delve into the surreal and dismal. Bands like Portal, Desolate Shrine, and Spain's Altarage are purveyors of such... Continue Reading →

Dark Funeral – Vobiscum Satanas (1998)

Dark Funeral is not one of my favorite bands, yet I've now heard all of their albums. I'm not sure I'd even rank them in my top 50 band list, as if such a thing exists, but I do enjoy... Continue Reading →

Solbrud – Solbrud (2014)

I was introduced to Solbrud's sophomore album Jærtegn sometime last year by my buddy Ben and it's been in a semi constant rotation in my ears ever since. With their new album just being released in 2017 and the high level of... Continue Reading →

Dämmerfarben – Im Abendrot (2011)

You can't beat a good atmospheric black metal album. At least, not for me. Atmospheric black metal was some of the first I ever got into and I'm always attracted to bands who work with this style. I know the... Continue Reading →

Mortuus – Grape of the Vine (2014)

Looks like we'll be staying in Sweden for a bit longer. That's just fucking fine with me. However, unlike the previous entries we're getting away from that Swedish melodic grandeur and heading towards the dark and brooding abyss. Enter: Mortuus.... Continue Reading →

Katatonia – Viva Emptiness (2003)

I'm super fucking excited to see Katatonia tomorrow night in Denver so I thought I'd take the opportunity to delve into a Katatonia album I've not heard before: Viva Emptiness. In the history of Katatonia you'd be hard pressed to find... Continue Reading →

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