Exploration: The Kill – Kill Them… All (2015)

You may have noticed a general lack of grindcore around here. That's because I'm just not that into grind and the bands I do like I feel out of my wheelhouse when trying to dissect and discuss, but the aggressive... Continue Reading →

Thor – Metal Avenger (2015)

Jon Mikl Thor is endlessly entertaining and the fucking epitome of overlooked and under-appreciated. If you aren't familiar with the man and his namesake band Thor, there's an amazingly enduring and entertainingly bonkers documentary on Netflix called I am Thor chronicling... Continue Reading →

Tanagra – None of This is Real (2015)

On the metal forums and websites I frequent power metal rarely comes up so when it does (in a non mocking manner) I always take notice and read every word of the article or scour the forum thread looking for... Continue Reading →

Final Sign – Hold High the Flame (2015)

Stop. Take a look at the artwork for this album. It's a Conan like barbarian hold aloft his sword and the albums aforementioned flame, in the faces of a wall of nasty looking goblins or trolls or orcs or whatever... Continue Reading →

Grafvitnir – Necrosophia (2015)

A late discover from 2016 was Grafvitnir's power house of an album Obeisance to a Witch Moon, recommended by my buddy Ben, so I knew it was going to be a crusher. And of course it was, oozing 90’s Swedish black metal from... Continue Reading →

Desecresy – Stoic Death (2015)

Today we’re off to Finland (sweet) to delve into some Desecresy, a band whom I enjoy but somehow completely missed this release last year. Maybe it was the new logo, the weird Matrix looking cover, or who the fuck knows,... Continue Reading →

Gratzug – Erhabenheit (2015)

This one was a blind listen. My buddy Ben shared it with me and I saw from the track listing that they do a Lunar Aurora cover and that immediately peaked my interest. Given that they cover Lunar Aurora perhaps... Continue Reading →

Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom (2015)

2015 might have been the year I scoured through the most music. It was a phenomenal year for metal and jaw-dropping albums just came one after another, unrelentingly, month after month, week after week. Even then, Grey Heaven passed my... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Church – Vigilia EP (2015) & Abominor – Opus: Decay EP (2015)

Both of these bands both blew right by me in 2015 and now, all of a sudden, the keep seeming to pop up in videos I’ve been watching or articles I’ve been reading so it’s time I gave them both... Continue Reading →

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