Thor – Metal Avenger (2015)

Jon Mikl Thor is endlessly entertaining and the fucking epitome of overlooked and under-appreciated. If you aren't familiar with the man and his namesake band Thor, there's an amazingly enduring and entertainingly bonkers documentary on Netflix called I am Thor chronicling... Continue Reading →


Tanagra – None of This is Real (2015)

On the metal forums and websites I frequent power metal rarely comes up so when it does (in a non mocking manner) I always take notice and read every word of the article or scour the forum thread looking for... Continue Reading →

Final Sign – Hold High the Flame (2015)

Stop. Take a look at the artwork for this album. It's a Conan like barbarian hold aloft his sword and the albums aforementioned flame, in the faces of a wall of nasty looking goblins or trolls or orcs or whatever... Continue Reading →

Grafvitnir – Necrosophia (2015)

A late discover from 2016 was Grafvitnir's power house of an album Obeisance to a Witch Moon, recommended by my buddy Ben, so I knew it was going to be a crusher. And of course it was, oozing 90’s Swedish black metal from... Continue Reading →

Desecresy – Stoic Death (2015)

Today we’re off to Finland (sweet) to delve into some Desecresy, a band whom I enjoy but somehow completely missed this release last year. Maybe it was the new logo, the weird Matrix looking cover, or who the fuck knows,... Continue Reading →

Gratzug – Erhabenheit (2015)

This one was a blind listen. My buddy Ben shared it with me and I saw from the track listing that they do a Lunar Aurora cover and that immediately peaked my interest. Given that they cover Lunar Aurora perhaps... Continue Reading →

Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom (2015)

2015 might have been the year I scoured through the most music. It was a phenomenal year for metal and jaw-dropping albums just came one after another, unrelentingly, month after month, week after week. Even then, Grey Heaven passed my... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Church – Vigilia EP (2015) & Abominor – Opus: Decay EP (2015)

Both of these bands both blew right by me in 2015 and now, all of a sudden, the keep seeming to pop up in videos I’ve been watching or articles I’ve been reading so it’s time I gave them both... Continue Reading →

Kafirun – Death Worship (2014) & Glorification of Holy Death (2015)

We’re getting fairly recent for today’s post. Yet another discovery from my metal guru, this Canadian band has released two demo EPs in the past two years and a compilation of both demos, which was released just this year. And... Continue Reading →

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