Exploration: Rusting Sun – Far from All Light (2013)

Kudos again to my buddy and metal guru Brain Smasher for knowing exactly what's going to blow my brains all over. Despite both of our interest in the band Odal, I didn't know that their main two members were also... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Judicator – Sleepy Plessow (2013)

While I could go on and on about how criminally overlooked Judicator is, I too am guilty of overlooking their first two albums. See, I got hip to them in 2015 with their massively beautiful album At the Expense of Humanity,... Continue Reading →

FaithXtractor – The Great Shadow Infiltrator (2013)

An element of metal that I enjoy is the nature of bands to twist and change and go from one entity to another. There's bands that evolve from where they started and make incredible music throughout their career, or in... Continue Reading →

Shores of Ladon – Eindringling (2013)

It's been a while since we've been to Germany for some black metal. So here we fucking go: Shores of Ladon. Shores of Ladon's one and only full-length (so far) just comes launching out of the fucking gate with a... Continue Reading →

Argus – Beyond the Martyrs (2013)

Argus is a band that I'm surprised I haven't listened to already, considering my love of traditional/power metal and traditional doom. Especially considering that Argus is one of the hallmark bands on the Cruz del Sur Music label, a label... Continue Reading →

Procession – To Reap Heavens Apart (2013)

Sometimes a well written, impeccably performed, and insanely epic traditional doom metal album is all I want to hear. It usually falls on Candlemass', Atlantean Kodex's, or While Heaven Wept's shoulders to satiate me when I'm in these moods but... Continue Reading →

Timeghoul – 1992-1994 Discography (2013)

Recently the band Blood Incantation has skyrocketed up my playlist and become one of my more favorite recent acts. Because of that I keep seeing, or keep getting recommended Timeghoul, a band lost to the ages. As it so happened,... Continue Reading →

Westering – Help a Body (2010) Joy (2013)

I've been sitting on the first Westering album, Help a Body, for a while now. Probably because I approach highly ambient music with a bit of trepidation. Ambient music is not really my cup of tea. I find nothing wrong with... Continue Reading →

Merknet – Nigra Diaconia (2013)

Ok, so this one sort of took by surprise so I apologize if this review is a bit off. I briefly scrubbed this through on Youtube before I got the album and what I heard sounded like some good, dissonant,... Continue Reading →

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