Exploration: Forbidden – Omega Wave (2010)

I know Forbidden is considered one of the more underrated American thrash band but aside from their debut album Forbidden Evil I think their career is a bit spotty. They fell victim to the dreaded 90's thrash killer and tried to adjust... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Aldaaron – Nous Reviendrons Immortels (2010)

When this was shared with my I saw the name Aldaaron and thought" fucking sweet, that's the planet they blow up in Star Wars!" But upon actually looking at the album and seeing a depiction of the Battle of Helm's... Continue Reading →

Nominon – Monumentomb (2010)

In the latest version of the awesome book Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore there's a section in the back breaking down the author's "must hear" death and grind albums of any given year from the 80's all... Continue Reading →

Bran Barr – Sidh (2010)

Remember how awesome Heol Telwen were in yesterday's post? How could you forget? Well, they only released that one full-length then disappeared in a cloud of folk metal mastery. Luckily for us a couple members went on to make Bran Barr's Sidh album... Continue Reading →

Westering – Help a Body (2010) Joy (2013)

I've been sitting on the first Westering album, Help a Body, for a while now. Probably because I approach highly ambient music with a bit of trepidation. Ambient music is not really my cup of tea. I find nothing wrong with... Continue Reading →

Detente – Recognize No Authority (1986) & Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death (2010)

I've been so fucking angry at the world as of late and with the new Kreator and Overkill albums coming out mere weeks apart, thrash has been taking up a lot of my listening time. Especially when driving, which there... Continue Reading →

Jaldaboath – The Rise of the Heraldic Beast (2010)

Are you ready for some comedy? Humor is not something that metal is really known for, at least not intentionally. I think you have to have a healthy sense of humor when wading through the darker realms of metal considering... Continue Reading →

Dofka – Humanity Bleak (2010)

A song from this album was sent to my by my buddy with the preface of "the drummer from Nechochwen sings on this album." Fucking rad! I love Nechochwen and their neo-folk, atmospheric black metal. This should be awesome. Hitting... Continue Reading →

Drapsnatt – Hymner Till Undergangen (2010)

Guess what? It’s Swedish time again! That’s right, the land of never ending metal treasure rears it’s plentiful head again in the form of Drapsnatt, a black metal duo. Drapsnatt eschews the more typical, hyper melodic, grim Swedish black metal... Continue Reading →

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