Exploration: Vomitory – Blood Rapture (2002)

Recently Vomitory was announced as playing next year's Maryland Deathfest and it started a swirl of hype that I didn't know Vomitory commanded. Supposedly over as a band, Vomitory coming back to play in an almost headlining spot (sandwiched between... Continue Reading →

Unlord – Lord of Beneath (2002)

The Netherlands is a country I visit often on this blog. I’m hard pressed at the moment to come up with any other black metal bands from the country, other than say Countess or Carach Angren. Well now I can... Continue Reading →

Agatus – The Weaving Fates (2002)

Let’s get back to some black metal on this here blog. To do so let’s also take a trip to Greece, home of Agatus, a band made up of members of Zemial and Kawir (amongst others). Agatus aren’t satisfied with... Continue Reading →

Firewind – Between Heaven and Hell (2002)

I had a need to listen to some straight up, epic power metal, so Firewind it is. Now here’s the thing about Firewind… They aren’t the best power metal band in the world, but they have the formula down to... Continue Reading →

Luca Turilli – Prophet of the Last Eclipse (2002)

It’s my birthday today and for my birthday I just want to listen to crazy epic, ridiculously awesome, over the top European power metal, and who does that better than Luca Turilli? To answer that somewhat rhetorical question, Blind Guardian,... Continue Reading →

Woods of Ypres – Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Winter Heat (2002)

It’s Canada Day for our neighbors to the north and what better way to celebrate then with some metal. Canadian metal even, just to stay on theme. I’m not sure how one celebrates Canada Day but I assume metal is... Continue Reading →

Thy Primordial

Today we’re going to try something slightly different. Instead of just one album, I’m going to focus on a particular band. My buddy shared with me Thy Primordial and their catalog a couple weeks ago. I finally got to listening... Continue Reading →

Floor – Floor (2002)

It seems Floor started gathering attention after one of their members started Torche, the critical darlings of stoner/sludge/doom metal. I’m not much of a fan of Torche but I thought I might give this album a try. I can’t really... Continue Reading →

Reverend Bizarre – In the Rectory of Reverend Bizarre (2002)

I have to admit, going into this I was expecting something, well, bizarre. Granted, the vocals are a bit different for the doom genre, but they aren’t bizarre. I can’t fault them on not being bizarre because that’s my own... Continue Reading →

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