Exploration: Sirius – Aeons of Magick (2000)

Whenever I see the word "Sirius" in a metal context I'm always reminded of the Therion album Sirius B. I don't even particularly like that album that much but it was one of the first "extreme" metal albums I ever listened... Continue Reading →

Saturnus – Martyre (2000)

My buddy Ben Smasher has been extolling his favorite death/doom albums recently on his YouTube channel and if you're into that genre mashup of metal you'd do good to check out his video. His recommendations and features are always interesting... Continue Reading →

The Storyteller – The Storyteller (2000)

My buddy and metal guru Ben Smasher suggested that I should take a look at all the releases from No Fashion Records. While glancing through their release list, of which they have many of not only my favorite Swedish albums... Continue Reading →

White Skull – Public Glory, Secret Agony (2000)

Hey, howsabouts we stick with Italian power metal for another day? Good. Now on the other side of the power metal coin from yesterday's Kaledon review we have White Skull's Public Glory, Secret Agony album from 2000. Whereas Kaledon were a bit... Continue Reading →

Hin Onde – Songs of Battle (2000)

I find myself often discussing folk metal on here and usually I'll say something like "it's not folk metal like Finntroll or Korpiklaani," and I realize that that might be confusing, or hard to grasp, especially when bans like Hin Onde... Continue Reading →

Entrails – Tales From the Morgue (2010)

I'm not really all that into the gore genres of metal, or the bands who deal with a lot of gore obsessed imagery. Like all outlying metal genres I do like a few of the bands and Entrails is one... Continue Reading →

Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions (2000)

If'n you combined early Darkthrone and early Ulver, the sound you'd get is Abyssic Hate, albeit with a extremely depressing and bleak atmosphere covering the whole thing. I say Darkthrone because Abyssic Hate is taken from a Darkthrone song and... Continue Reading →

Necromicon – Peccata Mundi (2000)

There's been a lot of power metal on here so how about we change it up today? Swedish symphonic black/death metal it is! I wrote about Necromicon's album Sightveiler two years ago on this blog and as I recall it was fucking... Continue Reading →

Hypnosia – Extreme Hatred (2000)

Holy fucking hell does this album thrash. Thrash like a mother fucker. It’s like the combined forces of all the classic Teutonic thrash bands, filtered through a Swedish mentality and forced into 37 minutes or pure rage. Why the fuck... Continue Reading →

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