Exploration: Cirith Gorgor’s Onwards to the Spectral Defile (1999) and Unveiling the Essence (2001)

I've been so entrenched in death metal and new releases as of late that I forgot just have fucking satisfying blistering black can be. Enter Cirith Gorgor. Yes, another Lord of the Rings named band, this time named for the... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Frostmoon – Tordenkrig (1999)

Frostmoon existed for all of an EP release and a split release, all from between 1998 and 1999, culminating with a 1999 compilation of all their releases and a few unreleased tracks that were promised to be on the then... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Obsidian Gate – The Nightspectral Voyage (1999)

Symphonic Black Metal is a genre I truly enjoy but find incredible difficult to talk about mostly because the genre is so dominated by comparisons to either Emperor, or Dimmu Borgir. To be fair, a lot of it does kind... Continue Reading →

Satan’s Blood – Weltmacht (1999)

I'm not saying that regionality always affects what a band sounds like but more often than not bands from specific influential areas tend to carry some of the traits that region is known for, particularly Sweden and Germany, unless you're... Continue Reading →

Dolorian – When All the Laughter Has Gone (1999)

By now you know, or are aware, that a lot of metal fans have seasonal musical tastes. While we actually listen to all genres all year round, the fall spurs on so many fond memories and comforting feelings aided by... Continue Reading →

Riot – Sons of Society (1999)

For a traditional/power metal band Riot is rather nebulous. There's all the different eras, sound changes, the vast amount of lineup changes of all instruments, and then there's the name change from Riot to "Riot V" (whatever that means), and... Continue Reading →

Avenger – Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy (1999)

I don't get over to the Czech Republic on this blog very often but when I do I know it's a fucking treat. Despite their small (comparatively) metal output, the Czech Republic is home to some of my favorite metal... Continue Reading →

EbonyLake – On the Eve of the Grimly Inventive (1999)

I recall hearing EbonyLake's 2011 album In Swathes of Brooding Light but now I can't really recall what it was like. Especially after hearing their previous debut album from twelve years earlier. This will give me good cause to revisit Brooding Light, but until... Continue Reading →

Dead Silent Slumber – Entombed in the Midnight Hour (1999)

Look at what we have here... a Swedish, one-man black metal band that only put out one album in the 90s? Be still my beating heart. And holy fuck is this album a doozy. Yet again another brilliant example of... Continue Reading →

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