August was a light trickle of new metal albums so I just waited until the end of the month and slammed all these fuckers together for one super post. And here it fucking is:

The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult
Just out looking for something new to jam and based on some glowing reviews from friends and sites I trust I decided to try this out. What we have here is a mix or progressive black metal ideas filter though some post metal and sludge ideas all set to an electronic, experimental backdrop. It’s one of the more unique albums of the year and interesting from the weird album art to the ideas presented in the music. Maybe not a casual listen but a strong one for sure.

Unanimated – Annihilation EP
Sweet! New Unanimated music for the first time in almost 10 years. And it’s pretty much what I expected, evil, satanic, fucking melodic, Swedish death/black metal. So essentially Unanimated doing what they do and there’s no reason that if you like this band you’d not like this. No problems with just an EP. All the songs shred and it’s an awesome 21 minutes of killer metal.

Gaylord – The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed
Hot on the heels of Neckbeard Deathcamp’s Anti-Fascist black metal explosion, Gaylord are another black metal band repping for “fuck NSBM” platform with bitingly mocking lyrics and direct in your face stances like “TRUE ANTI-FASCIST BEHEADING BLACK METAL.” And I couldn’t support this more. I hope this is the birth of a new genre. While I’ll admit, I like Neckbeard’s approach more, Gaylord take a more raw, lo-fi black metal approach. Their lyrics are more straight forward but still packed with hilarity all at those stupid fucking NSBM bands and their supporters. However, Gaylord does have a song mocking all the people who always take that “but the riffs” stance in the amazingly titled “Varg Impaled” so I guess you can figure out what that’s about. I feel like the insult part of this band takes center stage and the music is ok but I 100% support the idea and approach.

Vagrond – Ruin
Vagrond are an artsy exploration of black metal, progressive music, post whatever, and avant-garde qualities. Their music is emotional and expressive and weird and twisting and unique. Not to mention they fucking rule at cover art. Great, interesting, artistic metal that tries to go in a different direction and I’m all for that.

Trappist – Ancient Brewing Tactics
Being from Colorado, craft brew and breweries are like Starbucks and the culture that comes with it is ever present including not one, but two, metal themed bars/breweries in Denver alone. So a crusted up metal band all about craft brewing is right up my alley. These aren’t just songs about drinking, though those are a plenty, but we have devoted message of supporting indie breweries and attacks against corporate breweries. It’s hilarious as it is direct and it’s refreshing as a good, cold one.

Rebel Wizard – Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response
More music from Rebel Wizard is only a good thing. They’ve taken black metal, fused it with punk and NWOBHM, turned it on it’s head and added a tongue in cheek wizard (yeah like Gandolf) narrative to the whole procedure. It’s incredibly enduring and infectious and I can get lost forever just jamming these releases.

Primitive Man/Unearthly Trance – Split
Primitive Man doing what they do best, fucking weighty, dismal, depressing, wide open doom metal. You walk away from this band just hating everything. And they kill it on this split like usual though they do get over indulgent with the noise/soundscapes. I’d rather have more music from the band. The Unearthly size is more on the blackened, sludge side of things but still in that dismal, soundscape arena. Things have more octane than Primitive Mans composures and they make for a good split companion band. Overall, super crushing and rad.

Black Tusk – TCBT
This is just the way I like sludge. Full of passion and aggression and punk drive with a dirty metal backing. I know there’s some history with this band and the passing of pivotal member a couple years ago but this new album fucking rules.

Austin Lucas – Immortal Americans
Maybe 10 or 11 years ago when I discovered Chuck Ragan and all those punk guys exploring their folk side, Austin Lucas was one of the musicians that was in my rotation constantly. The Bristle Ridge album he did with Ragan as well as his first couple releases were some of the few good memories I have from that time. Despite that, I haven’t kept up with Lucas over the years so the news of his new album was a nice surprise. Just looking at the cover told me that Lucas has gone though some changes since last we met and this stirring album proves that even more. Lucas has always had a way with lyrics and songwriting and there’s no lack of that here, if anything, he’s only gotten better. More refined, yet more creative, yet more free all at once. Speaking of refined, my god his voice is absolutely perfect on this album. Some times on older releases I thought his voice veered into caterwaul at moments which became almost too much for me at time but on Immortal Americans it’s simply powerful.

Lucas’ songs are passionate, emotional, truthful, and devastating. He’s a master. Simply beautiful and one of the best albums of the year.

Redbait – Red Tape
Fucking face punching-ly aggressive crusted up metal, or as the band puts it “Proletarian Crust.” Whatever it is, it’s full on, intense, political, and 100% kudos just for having a song called “Dick Punch.” Go get em.

Manes – Slow Motion Death Sequence
In case you didn’t know, Manes put out an amazingly killer black metal album in 1999 then said “well, lets change everything up” and became an ever evolving experimental, jazz-inspired, electronic-ish band releasing an insane amount of weird singles and compilations but whenever they decide to put out a fully realized full length album I usually check it out. On this album, some metal like qualities have slid back in to the band but it’s more like an industrial kind of guitar work. It’s not quite industrial, not quite metal, but heavy and “metal” sounding. The whole album is kind of weighty. Electronics, and samples, and sounds scapes, even pop at times. Sure as shit, it’s an eclectic weird fest but more palatable than they’ve been before and with some actual catchy songs. Pretty fucking good, actually.

Yovel -Hɪðəˈtu
Intensely politically focussed, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, Hellenic black metal. Like all the evil vibes of Rotting Christ mixed with the riff intensity of older Watain. Super impactful and furiously engaging.

The Devil Makes Three – Chains Are Broken
The Devil Makes Three’s cool, sultry, swinging, rockabilly, blues, indie rock infused country is a treat for the fucking ears. Nothing but catchy song after catchy song.

Dauþuz – Des Zwerges Fluch
Heavily folk influenced, German black metal. They’re calling this an EP but whatever, it’s practically an albums length worth of material. Pretty straight forward though. Nice folky infused melodies and atmospherics with a nasty as fuck vocalist. This is good all around.

Nachtlieder – Lynx
I wasn’t all that taken with Nachtlieder and her previous album but there was enough there to keep me interested and curious about a new album. On this album there’s much focus on the guitar. It’s fucking right in your face on this album and it’s a nice mix of nasty Swedish black metal fury with some Swedish death metal riffing. The album is surely black metal but there’s little fucking around, all business and Dagny Susanne’s vocals are fucking impressive. There’s some atmospherics and some creepiness going on as well. The theremin on “Dark Matter” is a fun inclusion and makes me wonder why more black metal isn’t utilizing it. There-BM? Overall, pretty fun.

Dionysiaque – .
Super super rock based doom from France with a unique vocalist and some fun swagger and cult like presence. Not as typical as this stuff tends to be and actually sounds fresh. Damn good little demo here.

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage
I’m a casual fan of Pig Destroyer, which might be hard to believe since they seem to have either rabid fans or dislikers but I am. I enjoy them for the most part, particularly the punker moments they have and that’s just fine with me. This new on is a little more plodding, a little more “groove” maybe. More punk and less grind, but without a doubt a Pig Destroyer album.

Omnium Gatherum – The Burning Cold
I’m not a huge fan of this type of grand standing, ethereal, melo death but I have such a weakness for the Finnish bands, mainly Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium, who I confuse one another for, Swallow the Sun to a lesser extent, and of course, Amorphis who I unquestionably love the most of this pack. It’s hard to really pinpoint why this new Omnium is better than the last, or any other, because essentially they’re all the same. Riff driven, intensely melodic and fast, catchy as fuck, and uplifting and beautiful, but I do like this one more than the last. It’s slightly more aggressive I’d say but still very, very much melo-death-tastic. I dunno, I’m a sucker for this I guess.

Iskald – Innhostinga
Iskald make a mammoth effort with their large sounding, black metal, thrash infused sound, which is more on the black metal side of things this time. Not as rough and tumble as a lot of blackened thrash bands, Iskald is more of a “thrash-end” black metal band, if that makes any sense. Good riffs and a big sound, this one is a decent listen.