Sweet fuck, my work has been keeping me busy and I haven’t been able to devote much time to these reviews as I’d like but today I stole some fucking time and I’m jumping back into my “to be explored” pile of metal goodies.

Up today: Pavor’s Furioso. No relation to the character from Mad Max: Fury Road (or is that Furios-A?) though this album is about as bonkers and awesome as that fucking movie is. Hailing from Germany, Pavor released their debut album in 1993 then went quiet for almost 10 years and then unleashed Furioso in 2003. Then, seemingly called it a fucking day, leaving behind only two albums of bizarrely twisted and intense technical death metal. Now, I can’t speak for their first album but Furioso is intensely technical. It’s right in your fucking business about it and you can’t ignore that this is technical death metal. Yet, it’s not overly wanky or noodly or showing off. Maybe the bass, a little. The bass is one of the show stealers of this album. The guitars keep down a crazy riff melody through out but the bass is elevated above the mix and played so chaotically and technically it’s hard to fucking miss.

I’m not sure death metal vocals can be technical and I think lead singer Claudius Schwartz just decided to go super guttural and wild, and garbled. His vocals are insane on this album which is in complete juxtaposition to the insane technicality from the instruments. It’s so bizarre. Most tech death bands don’t actually go that death metal with the vocals.

It’s a crazy album full of crazy musicians making madness. It’s fucking awesome.