It’s been a wizards staff (as used as a measurement(shut up)) since we’ve had any doom around these parts and Pilgrim fits the fucking bill exactly. Pilgrim is the kind of band I think of when I think of just the overall encompassing term of doom. I think it stems from my first real exposure to “doom” being Electric Wizard and Candlemass so those are what were etched into the permanent memory banks of my brain where I store info related to doom. In fact they started that section. Both bands can be heard as influences in this band, but what I’m angling at here is Pilgrim has that fuzzed out, slow, plodding weight but coupled with that epic quality only found in doom metal. And I like my doom fucking epic.

However, if you’re familiar with those bands Pilgrim doesn’t offer a whole lot to the equation. Certainly they play this brand of doom exceedingly well and it’s a perfect slow-crawl, headbanger of an album, but it’s very typically doom, in all the best ways. Particularly the galloping, pummel of “The Adventurer” which has more of a traditional metal feeling and ups the tempo of the album briefly. Very similar dynamic to what Khemmis is doing now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pilgrim weren’t an inspiration on that first Khemmis album (especially that solo in there).

This is a doom fans doom album. It’s got all you need. It’s traditional without being worship, it’s powerful without going insane with the fuzz, and it’s simply well written and executed doom metal for getting the head moving. Fucking dig in.