These short lived Canadian crushers are labeled as “brutal” death metal (BROOTAL) which I guess is a genre. If “Old School” death metal can be a genre I guess anything can. Yeah, yeah, I know “brutal” death metal has it’s own tropes and styles, but most of that stuff just sounds like down tuned grunting to me so I wouldn’t have really thought of Agony as a “brutal” band. Yeah they have some of that chugging, crunchy riffs and breakdowns but they balance all that out with a flair for the technical and some sheer ludicrous guitar work. It’s almost comical at points, but then again I think there’s an overall level of tongue in cheek humor to this band, unless a song like “Death by Suffocation in a Vagina” are supposed to be taken seriously.

Ridiculousness aside, this is a fucking banger of an album, and coming in at 1995 near the end of death metal’s super height it’s not formulaic or obvious like most bands were at this point. Sure there’s that knuckle dragging element to it but I bet you it’ll surprise the fuck out you at times.