Recently Vomitory was announced as playing next year’s Maryland Deathfest and it started a swirl of hype that I didn’t know Vomitory commanded. Supposedly over as a band, Vomitory coming back to play in an almost headlining spot (sandwiched between Immolation and Mortician) seems to please everybody. To be honest, I’ve only ever heard their final album Opus Mortis VIII and fairly enjoyed it. Solid Swedish death metal, but the hype train has picked me up so I want to delve more into Vomitory so without doing much research I just went to Metal Archives, found the album with the highest percentage review and landed on Blood Rapture from 2002.

Since Opus is my only real experience with the band, Blood Ritual is very similar, which is what drew me to the band in the first place, their straight-forward, no fluff, Swedish Death Metal approach. That style is turned up all the way on Blood Rapture. It’s a pounding, galloping, death metal march that doesn’t fuck around at all. It’s so to the fucking point. It reminds me of Vader’s sweet what you hear is what you get death/thrash style, mixed with the ever infectious Swedish melody. There’s nothing really fancy about this album, nothing pretentious, or nothing crying out to be seen as innovative. If this album came out today with everybody’s “OSDM” obsession, everybody would cream themselves over it’s “classic” sound.  It’s just seriously well played and executed, minimal death metal that delivers all the head-banging goodness you want.