It’s been fucking blazingly, stupidly hot around here so some chilling Finnish metal is just what I needed to remind me of colder weather that isn’t trying to melt my brain. Instead I opted to let Crimson Midwinter melt my brain with riffs. Stupid example but what the fuck, this album slays. If you like the melodic riffing of Dissection (you just better) then combine that with some synths and atmospherics, a slight bit of thrash and a shit ton of black metal and you’ve got Crimson Midwinter and their rapturous, sickeningly catchy, one and only album.

Yup. Another one album metal band that accomplished so much awesome in one album it’s either a perfect example of quitting while your ahead, or a tragic example of what could have been. Either way they left us with Random Chaos which despite it’s name is entirely well orchestrated and executed. Bombastic, sure, but chaotic, not really. But that isn’t anything to hold against them as this album will keep you satisfied all the way through with tasty riff after tasty riff.

Simple. This album fucking rules.