I’ve been in a melodic riff mode for the past week or so and nothing scratches that itch quite like Swedish melodic death metal. If you read this blog you know about my fondness for the genre. In fact, I’ve already written a review on this site for this band, but low and behold they have another record and I wouldn’t want to deny you more Sacrilege, or another excuse to shit on In Flames. So here it is, Sacrileges first album Lost in the Beauty You Slay.

Speaking of slaying, this album does. I’m not sure how else to say it. It’s mid nineties, 100% Swedish melodic death metal, full of crazy catchy, uplifting guitars and atmosphere. Just song after song of killer vocals and insane riffs that are so melodic and tasty and so fucking Swedish it hurts. You can’t go wrong if that’s what you’re looking for.

I mentioned in my previous release what a shame it was that this band ended so Daniel Svensson could go join In Flames right when they started to take their shit as I’d gladly take a million Sacrilege albums over the In Flames albums he played on but what can you do? At least he produced two killer examples of melodic Swedish perfection before nose diving in to mediocrity. Thanks for Sacrilege. It fucking rules.