Kudos again to my buddy and metal guru Brain Smasher for knowing exactly what’s going to blow my brains all over. Despite both of our interest in the band Odal, I didn’t know that their main two members were also in a more eclectic and avante-garde-ish black metal band. That would be Rusting Sun and this would be their second album Far from All Light. 

Just in case you haven’t heard Odal, they’re a German black metal band focussed on pagan and nature oriented themes but with that undeniable German efficiency and pounding to it. They’re one of the more interesting bands of that genre, to my ears, and are well worth your attention. Rusting Sun, on the other had, is still rooted in black metal but focus, drive, and compositionally the opposite of Odal. It’s much more experimental. Much less refined and more exploratory. There’s odd timing, prog pacing in places, weird, artsy, combinations of instruments and vocals. It’s much more in line with some of the more avant-garde Scandinavian black metal bands. Then there are moments of sheer black metal ferocity, and for the middle part of the album that’s mostly what happens. So much so I forgot that they were so expressive but then it comes crashing back in during “Spheres of My Restless.”

I may have brought this up before but when I hear something that even slightly shows signs of originality or at least a different approach I can’t help but hold on to it as the prospect seems to be coming rarer and rarer. This is one such album that reaches where it needs to and stays comfortable where it needs to but in both aspects manages to be at least unique for the most part, and be fucking killer while doing so.