Just the name alone, Rad Metal by Hail Satan, is enough to tell you exactly what the fuck you’re in for with this EP. That, being super party, good times focused thrash/speed metal nastiness. Rad Metal is almost a battle cry belched into the metal loving hordes, demanding the listener to not only bang their heads but to actively embrace the Rad Metal lifestyle, which would be eating pizza, fucking shit up, and embracing Satan. All part of a well rounded, party focused metal life. The EP, as you would imagine at this point is a riotous blast of thrash infused fun that rarely relents and is determined to shove metal straight down your fucking throat. Vocalist Jake Fairly delivers a sneering, in your face vocal performance that is equal parts punk attitude and German power screamer Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger.

Speaking of the vocalist, I did a fucking interview with him to pimp Rad Metal and their May 31st release party over at Three Kings Tavern. Jam the song “Born to Win” while digging into this interview.

Let’s get right to it. Why is metal just the best

God damn heavy fucking metal… It’s the pleasure plague. It’s the immortal roaring tiger in the heart of history. This shit will make you sweat while you’re sitting down. We’re all bathing in electric dawn!

Do you ever feel sorry for people who aren’t in to metal?

More for us! It is not for everyone, but I will say that I feel bad for all of those people!

The Denver metal scene has been on fire the past couple years. How do you feel about the scene here? 

Yeah we’re in a really great place right now! Spencer and I have been here playing music for over a decade. When we started in ’04 there were just screamo bands as far as the eye could see, and it’s really cool to see so many proper metal bands working in the city! I think what we have now is a reaction  to the state of heavy music from that time period. You hear a lot of rhetoric about the scene in Denver kind of exploding all of the sudden, but that is the product of a lot of people putting in a ton of work over the years. As it would happen we’ve always been a rock and roll town!

I love the brazen attitude of just coming right out and naming your band Hail Satan. It’s so quintessentially metal I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before. How did you land on the name?

Really it came from a logo that I designed in 2009 which ultimately became the one that we use today. The name works well for us though in that it is both unmistakably heavy metal, and something that people shout in a dirty bar right before they clink their shot glasses together.

There seems to be a fair amount of punk in your sound. I’ve always embraced both metal and punk and I’ve never understood the rift between the two styles. What’s your take on that?

In our younger years we generally bought into the whole “punk or metal” argument, but I think, like a lot of people, that over time we’ve come to find that that is a silly argument. Aggressive music is aggressive music. It’s funny, people have made mention of the punk element in our music, and while it’s something we completely embrace, it is maybe not as intentional as you might assume. This whole ‘rad metal’ thing that we have going is essentially thrash metal with some pop elements, and I think that when you inject pop into thrash it comes out sounding a little on the punkey side.

Why do you think there’s been a movement to embrace more of the traditional heavy metal sounds and aesthetics as of late?

I think the emersion of all these traditional bands is a reaction the the wide reach of nu metal. Being that it was as prominent as it was, I think that metal enthusiasts yearned for more technical and expressive music. Obviously there was so much of that in the traditional/thrash/power genres. Our experience was certainly that. Growing up in the Marilyn Manson age created in us a want to make real heavy metal. Plus leather, spikes and power notes are inherently awesome. Duh.

I also enjoyed the humorous elements in the lyrics. I think metal has to have a sense of humor about itself and sometimes it can’t help but be ridiculous. Did I just make that up and you’re actually deadly serious about metal or do you embrace the ridiculous nature of metal?  

This speaks to an aspect of heavy metal that I think is interesting. It tends to occupy a unique space that is simultaneously severe, and comical. In engaging that which is extreme it tends to air on the side of that which is cartoonish. The end result is something that invites the listener to journey into a place that is threatening yet disproportionate to the (comparatively speaking) affable nature of their surroundings. It takes the extreme quality of itself seriously to the extent that it is inherently funny, and we try to capture that in our overall aesthetic in the band.

I know you from doing the comics stuff. I think Hail Satan is the perfect soundtrack for your comic “This is Heavy Metal.” Do they have anything to do with each other and which came first? 

Oh absolutely! So in the Denver comics scene we put on comics reading shows. At these shows the individual panels from a comic are projected onto a screen, and the read aloud by the artist (kind of like a poetry reading but for comics). When I read This Is Heavy Metal I am accompanied by the band, and it’s a kind of metal show unto itself. Down the road we’re going to record an album where the lyrics are the direct dialogue from the book wherein the reader is intended to read the comic and listen to the album at the same time. So the record will serve as a soundtrack to the comic. This is still a little way out, however in that we have other things on our itinerary before we get to that.

So, what’s next for Hail Satan?

Our EP, “Rad Metal” is coming out on May 31st. The release show will be at Three Kings in Denver. We’ll be releasing a video for the song “I Will Eat You” in June. The premise of the song and video is murdering white supremacists, so that would be a juicy time! After we finish that we’re looking to get back in the studio to cut our first full length which will hopefully be out late 2018/ early 2019. We plan to shoot a video for “Born to Win” in the summer as well. The long term plan is to spread the good word of our Lord and savior, Baphomet all across the land! HAIL SATAN!