There’s so much formula and redundancy in death metal nowadays that I find myself constantly on the look out for any band doing something original or unique or interesting within the genre. Granted there are bands that are trying to do just that but they are far less common than bands that claim to be “real OSDM.” That shit wears thin pretty quickly.  Even though Flourishing’s one and only album came out in 2011 I think it’s current enough to stand out amongst the throng of nostalgic throwback and homage death metal bands taking up the scene currently.

For some sort of starting point let’s say Gorguts is an influence on Flourishing. They excel at that technical yet dark and chaotic atmosphere but that’s just to get you in the mindset of what’s happening here. They take that twisted metal cacophony and infuse it with wild indie rock, noise, and hardcore elements that add a sweet level of melancholy and melody that shows up at the least expected times and places. The term “post death metal” has been bandied around in relation to this album and yeah, sure, there’s some post rock elements on here, I don’t know if post death metal is a thing, and if it is, I’m not sure Flourishing are a part of it. It is, however, truly unique and original and a true creative force of originality, something death metal could use much more of, or any genre for that matter.