There’s a long and constantly growing list of metal bands from the 80’s (and 90’s, to some extent) dusting off their denim jackets and throwing themselves back in to the mix. It’s hard to blame them, after all, nostalgia is the law of the land and reverence for 80s metal is at critical mass but if anything all this looking back has got us are some truly great lost gems. Enter Syrus.

Claiming to be “Texas legends” Syrus recorded a demo in 1986 and 1987 then fucked of until 2017 with the release of their first full-length, Tales of War which is essentially re-recorded songs from those 80s demos and what we have here is some classic, well played, and rip roaring American power metal. Syrus have an interesting tidbit about them though. Their original singer Ray Adler stepped up to replace John Arch in Fates Warning in 1988 and remains their singer to this day. I only mention this because Syrus has a bit of that early prog metal lean to them. Not as drastically as Fates Warning would, more of the earlier days of that, except it’s chopped up and spit back out through a full-force, epic, Warlord power metal approach. Which is to say, it’s a bruiser of a power metal album and every song is a ripper. Sure, it’s clearly from the 80’s and the modern production does give it some relevance outside of 80’s curiosity but regardless of when it came out, this is sheer awesome American power metal done right. Fuck yes.

Grab it from their Bandcamp page over here.