Germany has given us an insurmountable amount of just fucking killer, and often classic, thrash and speed metal bands over the past thirty plus years so it’s no surprise that some bands would slip through the Teutonic cracks and falling somewhere between speed and thrash is Grinder.

Dawn for the Living flirts generously with both German speed tropes, and thrash motifs. The speed elements are clearly German influenced but what I think gives Grinder an edge is that their thrash sound is more inspired by the American Bay Area sound than it is from the ample amounts of influential German thrash bands. That being the case, the album sounds more structured, less chaotic, or go for the throat that the Germans did so exuberantly, but the speed aspect helps give it just that little amount of uncertain danger.

It’s likely not a classic album for Germany but it is one that’s worth exploring, especially in context of the time and place it was released, or if you just like really killer thrash and speed metal, loaded up on riffs and insane solo.