You may have noticed a general lack of grindcore around here. That’s because I’m just not that into grind and the bands I do like I feel out of my wheelhouse when trying to dissect and discuss, but the aggressive and pissed off nature of grind compliments my general mood of late so I have been jamming some grind here and there and it’s hard to be more pissed off than an album called Kill Them… All by a band called The Kill.

The Kill, while playing intense punk infused, technical grind perfectly, infuse an overt sense of humor in to their grind. I’ve found that there’s a healthy amount of grind bands that have a humorous lean to their music which I think comes from the outrageous nature of the music itself. Grind is also more political than most genres and guess what? The Kill has that too, mostly related to Australian politics as that’s where they hail from. So imagine a politically humorous, pounding grind band and you’ve got The Kill. The band has garnered some high praise for some of their earlier works but all I’ve experienced is this, their 2015 release, and as far as grind an I am concerned, this album fucking kills it. It’s over it about 25 minutes but it’s not stop grind love all the way through and just so much goddamn fun.

Grab it on Bandcamp over here.