Sorcier des Glaces is a name I always see floating around on heralded words. Sorcier des Glaces, or SDG for you cool kids (and how their logo looks now) always have albums for sale in pretty much every single metal distro and everybody seems to think so highly of them and I hadn’t been able to figure out why? Around the time of their most hype, when their last album North came out in 2016 I bit and checked it out and thought it was perfectly serviceable black metal from a band that is counted amongst the well regarded and intensely creative Quebec black metal scene, but it seemed to lack in a scene that has created so many masterful albums. SDG is not the first band I’d go to when I want to here Quebecois black metal. But they’re, fine. They’re a fine band and I always felt like I should give them another shake. So I went a little further back in their catalog to 2011’s The Puressence of Primitive Forests. 

Now this album is less obviously a part of that nature oriented, atmospheric black metal Quebec is known for. This is more of 90’s second wave of black metal worship, or even later 90’s third wave (if you will) with it’s more melodic and riff oriented approach. And it’s pretty rad. It reminds me a lot of various Scandinavian 90’s black metal bands without ever sounding like one in particular, but clearly the homage is there. It’s a bit backwards thinking, and nostalgic for nostalgias sake and I would say it’s derivative if it wasn’t so eclectic, but there’s a lot that’s familiar here. However the musicianship and the songs are god damn catchy and fucking riff factories it’s easy to get swept up in it.

It’s not amazing but it’s fun and I’d rather listen to this than the other album of theirs I own. Still probably not the go to band for this scene but this is a good addition once you’ve looked around there some.

Grab the album from them on Bandcamp over here.