Frostmoon existed for all of an EP release and a split release, all from between 1998 and 1999, culminating with a 1999 compilation of all their releases and a few unreleased tracks that were promised to be on the then forthcoming full-length. As of now that full-length is nowhere to be seen but we do have what little they left us with: vicious, viking fueled black metal.

Stop. Get Amon Amarth out of your head. This isn’t that shit. Frostmoon draw from early Norwegian black metal influences, mixed with a healthy dose of viking era Bathory type themes, and just fucking punish you with furious riffs. There’s some incredible melodic riffing and clean singing going on that adds to that viking/folk vibe, or at least, sounds more pagan-like to me. It’s purely subjective but the chanting seems like something vikings would do. Plus there’s hammer sounds so maybe it’s like vikings singing while forging weapons. What the fuck ever, nerd. The comp is fucking killer, albeit a brief foray in to a band that was doing the viking thing extremely well and before it got blasted into full on cheese territory and became the cause of trepidation upon even hearing the work. Like zombies. Viking metal, the zombie movie of metal. Except Frostmoon. They fucking rule.