Metal Archives lists Cemetery Piss’ lyrical themes as “desecration” and “blasphemy.” That about sums up this band perfectly. If you couldn’t guess from the name, Cemetery Piss revels in expletive and vulgarity excess. Think Midnight if only they were filthier. Matching the aggressively filthy lyrical content is an equally nasty mix of 90’s Norwegian-esque black metal and the rawer, nastier side of thrash. It’s a complete exercise in musical depravity that’s also incredibly catchy and satisfying. The vocalist is snotty and rough, the guitars craft dirty as fuck riffs that rarely veer out of black thrash except for the occasional punk drive, and the drums are holding it all together with a nice production that doesn’t overpower the rest of the grime.

I wish there was more to say about this album. It’s simple in its aim and you’ve got to at least respect that.

Grab it from the band here.