I know Forbidden is considered one of the more underrated American thrash band but aside from their debut album Forbidden Evil I think their career is a bit spotty. They fell victim to the dreaded 90’s thrash killer and tried to adjust their sound accordingly, like so many of their fellow thrashers, and just like them, fell short. The band was quiet for the first decade of 2000 and in 2010, amidst the thrash revival, joined the hordes and reunited for a killer return to form album, Omega Wave.

Return to form may not be the right phrasing here. Similar to Heathen’s 2000’s reformation, the band sounded rejuvenated and fresh and instead of sticking to the re-thrash trend of the time, Forbidden made a kick ass album that is thrash at it’s core but covers technical ground, progg-ish rhythms, and even some rougher, power metal scope. It’s a fairly unique sounding album for the time and I’m sure it was lost amongst the crowd as Forbidden wasn’t the only legacy thrash act coming back into prominence at the time. Omega Wave might not be as great as some of those albums  but it does stand on it’s own and isn’t as typically thrash as you’d expect. As it stands now this is their most recent release and if it’s the last of their career I’ll take it.