Agrimonia is band that’s had me excited for the past couple years with their past two full-length releases. Of all the musical mashups they offer, Crust Punk is always the genre that comes up most when talking about them and based on my interest in Agrimonia I’ve been dabbling in crust here and there when I can. Recently Agrimonia posted an article listing the bands three favorite album. Two of the albums I’m well acquainted with (Bolt Thrower’s For Victory and Slayer’s Reign in Blood) but the third, lead singer Christina’s pick was for a band I was completely unaware of: Poland’s Lost.

Now I mentioned Crust as a genre of punk, and in the article Christina sums it up pretty well saying that “Lost are punks playing metal” and I think that perfectly encapsulates crust punk to me, after years of trying to wrap my head around the genre tenants it really just boils down to punks playing metal, and that’s exactly what Lost sounds like. Their brand of punk-ish metal is a more plodding, Bolt Thrower, doom like death metal, but with those awesome Crust Punk, nasty, sneering vocals, courtesy of vocalist Agnes. The album is raw, fierce, angry, and fucking heavy as hell and from my limited exposure to Crust, this is one of the finest examples of it I’ve heard. It’s easy to see how this was an influence on Agrimonia, and probably countless other bands who play or dabble in Crust. So, maybe not really metal, but who fucking cares, it’s goddamn awesome.