This is another awesome find shared with me by my buddy Brain Smasher, and I’m fairly certain he discovered this band from that massive Summoning tribute album In Mordor Where the Shadows Are that came out last year or the year before. The bands only other release is a split with Kalmankantaj, who you should know is fucking amazing so sharing a split with them should clue you in to the kind of music Oþalan play.

This one-man black metal band from Sweden (of coarse he’s from Sweden) plays highly intricate and crushingly atmospheric black metal. Like a lot of these one-man bands, it’s very obvious that it was constructed by one person, the dead give away being the electric drums used, particularly at the end of the song “Mörkret omger norden,” but overall it sounds like one cohesive project and those moments don’t detract from the mammoth weight of this album. At only 30 minutes, Oþalan masterfully gets done what takes some atmospheric black metal bands 60 minutes to do and you don’t leave feeling gipped. It’s balls to the wall, no part left unused, and highly efficient, and intensely infectious.

Sweden, your metal rules my world.

Get the album on Bandcamp, here.