Symphonic Black Metal is a genre I truly enjoy but find incredible difficult to talk about mostly because the genre is so dominated by comparisons to either Emperor, or Dimmu Borgir. To be fair, a lot of it does kind of fall into those two areas. Of course there’s little differences, every band does something a little differently but you could easily say Obsidian Gate sounds like Emperor but with more orchestral bombast, and you’d not be wrong AND you’d have painted a pretty clear picture of what the album sounds like. Which makes it difficult to talk about these kinds of bands. Yes, Obsidian Gate, despite coming from Germany, do sound kind of like Emperor and the Norwegian style. I’d say their sound is a bit for vicious, particularly in the riffing and speed of their metal. it’s also hyper symphonic. That’s the highest part in the mix. Almost to the point where it could be just a classical album with a black metal influence. What what that genre be? Black Classical? Blackened Symphonic Classical?

But it’s super fucking awesome. It’s such a cacophony of sound and unrelentingly symphonic that it just sweeps you right up in the grandiose nature of it all and you get lost. It’s loud, it’s preposterous and it’s oh so fun, despite how familiar it is.