One day somebody is going to make that documentary or write that book about Finnish extreme metal and it’s unique nastiness and if it’s a proper work, it’ll include Rippikoulu and their monstrous second and final demo. See, Rippikoulu crammed so much vile, cavernous, raw, creepy riffs and songs on to this demo (and one previous) they didn’t really need to go on anymore. Sure, they put out an EP in 2014 (to less than stellar reviews) but the unearthing of this neglected gem in a 2010 re-release turned a spotlight on to the even more underground underground of the early 90’s Finnish death metal sound.

Repugnant and filthy, a quality known to be possessed by the Finnish metal scene, Rippikoulu couldn’t be anything else but Finnish. Claiming to be the first death metal band to sing all in Finnish, this demo is hefty with oppressive riffs, murky, atmospheric doom, and the overwhelming feeling of dread. It’s moody as fuck, again, something the Finns do masterfully, but Rippikoulu fucking nailed. Even with the remastered version, which I’m reviewing here, they kept that quality.

These early years in Finland keep some fascinating secrets and if you’re looking for something that is the epitome of this time and place, Rippikoulu is that fucking band. Get in on this now.