A lost, 90’s, Norwegian black metal album? Count me right the fuck in. Surprisingly this flew right over my radar last year (2017) as I didn’t even hear a fucking peep of information or publicity for this, which is also surprising considering that this is indeed a Norwegian black metal album recorded in the 90’s by Ares, who was in some no name bands like fucking Aeternus, Gorgoroth, and Immortal, drummer Grim (RIP 199) who did time in Gorgoroth and Immortal as well but also Borknagar, and guitarist/vocalist Vassago Rex who was also in Aeternus. Pretty fucking impressive resume this band has. So why no hype? This seems like the exact kind of thing that would set the kvlt on fire. Perhaps that’s part of this albums beauty, is that there was (at least to my knowledge) big release hype or push for an album that is literally a time capsule to a classic time period for black metal.

The story goes that this was originally do to be released in 1996 but due to shipping problems it was never properly released and only given to a small group of people, who apparently held on to it like grim death. Speaking of grim death, Grim killed himself in 1999 and the band broke up only to be reformed later as Arvas, a band I’m completely unfamiliar with.

So that brings us to Nocturno Inferno, which does indeed sound like 90’s black metal album, and, it’s a pretty awesome one at that. It instantly feels like an album from the period and even though I just heard it for the first time it felt like something I used to listen to but had neglected over time. It’s very much an album of it’s time, and it’s makers, melding the approaches of Gorgoroth, Satyricon, and some Immortal riffing and drumming styles, and it feels right at home with them. Definitely a hidden treasure here, and probably one that would have been hailed as a classic had it seen it’s proper release. You probably shouldn’t wait any longer on this one.